Privacy Policy

Who are we? is not a legal entity, but a campaign that has been launched by Dulwich Storage Company Limited as a member of Nominet (“Nominet”) and Jim Davies (a former Nominet Director and 2022 Board candidate) to ensure that Nominet is not breaking the law and its company rules are lawful.

This website is owned and operated by Jim Davies, who is the ‘controller’ in respect of any personal data for the purposes of data protection law.

Jim Davies is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

What personal data do we you collect and how do we use it?

If you are a member of Nominet and choose to sign up to support the letter of concern sent to the Nominet board, we will collect your name, Nominet member name and email address.

We will use these details to verify your identity. We do this based on the legitimate interests of the members and Nominet in ensuring that all signatures are genuine.

If you are an individual member rather than someone representing an organisation, your signature will also represent your personal data. We will provide Nominet with a list of all members that signed the letter. We do this based on the legitimate interests of the members in expressing their concern that a senior barrister has said that Nominet is almost certainly breaking the law.
We may contact you to see if you want to discuss Nominet with us. We do this based on our legitimate interests in responding to questions, concerns or comments about the campaign.

If you follow us on social media, we may communicate with you in response to any posts or direct messages. We do this based on our legitimate interests in engaging with the public and the media regarding the campaign.

Who do we share your personal data with?

We will only share your personal data with:
• Nominet for the purposes of dealing with the question of the legality of the company’s Weighted Voting rights rules
• Publish Nominet Membership names of those supporting the letter on our website
• with our professional advisers
• where we are required to disclose your personal data by law or court order

Where do we store your personal data?

Where we obtain your personal data through our website, your personal data will be stored on servers within the United Kingdom only. We do not control where social media networks store your personal data.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

We will keep a copy of the personal data obtained through our website for two years from the date of the letter, 15 September 2022. This period may be extended if there are any disputes concerning the lawfulness of the Weighted Voting rules.

What are my rights?

You have several rights under data protection law. You can read more about your rights on the ICO Your Data Matters page. Your rights notably include the right to:
• access your personal data and information about how we use it
• ask us to rectify any inaccurate personal data about you
• ask us to restrict how we use your personal data or delete your personal data in certain circumstances
• object to how we use your personal data based on the legitimate interests described above
• complain to the ICO about how we have used your personal data If you want to exercise any of these rights please contact us via [email protected]

How do we use cookies?

This website only uses essential cookies that do not require your consent. You can find out more about cookies at AllAboutCookies (an external website which we do not control). If you use a cookie blocker on your browser or disable cookies on your website, you may not be able to use it