Nominet Misleads Members about Narrow Legal Opinion

Nominet have said that the opinion they obtained from Andrew Thornton KC deals with all of the issues raised in the two opinions that we sent them from Iain Mitchell KC. But they did not publish that opinion. We have.

Their description of it is not true. As you can see, Mr Thornton’s opinion only deals with one out of the four issues raised in Mr Mitchell’s opinions.

It does not deal at all with the question of “validity of …membership fees” at all, despite Nominet falsely claiming that it did.

Mr Mitchell KC has read Mr Thornton’s opinion on the legal point he does argue. He rejects the basis that it is based on. His position is supported by leading texts in that field.

We object to Nominet executives gaslighting members in this way. We have written to the Non Executive Directors and asked them to investigate and report back to members as soon as possible.

We have also asked them to delay the AGM while this “mess” is sorted out.

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