Nominet Weighted Voting Rules “Clearly Unlawful” and “Void”

Nominet Constitution Breaks Company Law

We are group of concerned Nominet members and former directors.  

There has been longstanding and widespread concern and debate about Nominet’s weighted voting rights.  Those concerns relate to both whether it is fair for some members to have more votes than others; but also whether those rights break company law.

We now have clear legal advice that Nominet’s Weighted Voting rules break company law and are void. We have written to the Nominet Board asking them to take action based on Counsel’s Opinion.

Legal Opinion

Iain Mitchell KC (Scotland and England & Wales) has provided a balanced and wide-ranging opinion, which concludes that Nominet’s Weighted Voting rules are clearly unlawful and so are void.

We are publishing the complete Opinion here for all stakeholders to read and consider. We invite anyone who agrees with the conclusions to Sign the Letter to show their support and to help Nominet’s directors to decide what to do.